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Butter Bits

Clean Butter Bits lotion bars - Tea tree & Lavender

Clean Butter Bits lotion bars - Tea tree & Lavender

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Clean Butter Bits are organic and plant-based and contain a powerful combination of essential oils that protect against outside elements. The dominant essential oil used in Clean Butter Bits is Tea Tree essential oil and it's known universally for its' health properties. 
Grapeseed oil adds to these beneficial properties and rich Mango butter and Kokum butter coat the skin like a glove by forming a layer on your skin.
To make the Butter Bits into a light green color, organic Spinach and Nettle Leaf powder are infused in Grapeseed oil, making it the healthiest colorant ever! Mica might give a more vibrant color, but do you really want that super fine powder, that is in every bath and body product, seeping in through your skin and into your body.. forever?! Didn't think so.
Not only do these plant powders have a beautiful light green color, they add nutrients to your lotion. Spinach is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. It has tons of other benefits for the texture of your skin, keeping it clear and give an added layer of protection during sunny days. The more help fighting time and its' effect on your skin, the better!
Nettles is the other plant used as a green colorant. It can be exceptionally helpful in easing some skin conditions. Nettle leaf naturally decreases itchiness! Voila!
The chlorophyll in both of these green plant powders has astringent properties. Chlorophyll shrinks and tightens the top layer of your skin, hence, even less itching. That’s one amazing little plant.

Finally, Clean Butter Bits are dusted with organic Tapioca starch, which soothes your skin and makes your hands feel twice as clean and protected. Carry these Butter Bits with you when you're out and about and rub them on frequently to keep your hands  clean, especially after washing. Shake and share!


Shea Butter,  Aloe Butter, Grapeseed Oil infused with Arnica and Marigold flowers, Candelilla vegan wax, Aloe Vera powder, Colloidal Oatmeal, Glycerine, Calendula and Chamomile essential Oils, Vegetal, Turmeric and Ginger Essential Oils, Zinc Oxide, Turmeric Powder for color. All organic. 



Care Instructions

Butter Bits melt at 98 degrees.

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organic lotion bars in cardboard biodegradable packaging


There are 2 ways you can get to try Butter Bits!


get 50% off a full VARIETY pack with 50 Butter Bits.

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Try all 7 varieties by placing an order for the Sample, which has approximately 20 Butter Bits.

We can't imagine denying you of the lasting results that come with using a product for a few days. After using 20 Butter Bits, your skin will feel soft and supple even after washing, given you do maintain your Butter Bits routine.

  • Better than $$ expensive $$ anti-aging hand creams and treatments.

    Get a luxurious experience for a lot less, just by eliminating the packaging expense. 'Just the Bits' Butter Bits lotion bars might come in a ( very cute ) biodegradable bag as a refill, but they still fill in deep lines and penetrate deep to plump up aging skin. Butter Bits add a thick layer on top of the skin that feels luxurious and protective. Spend less money while erasing years off hands that make you look and feel older.  

    Refill Me 
  • reduce packaging waste with zero-waste home compostable cardboard box

    NO plastic, NO waste, NO hassle

    Plastic-free skincare products, sustainably made with organic ingredients. Butter Bits lotion bars are colored by plants, not Mica. Butter Bits are zero-waste, compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Use less plastic with your lotion with vegan butters, oils and wax.

    Our packaging is part of the ' simple but effective ' value Butter Bits stands for. Our solid bars are designed to do away with water, preservatives and plastic bottles.

    All orders placed from are shipped plastic-free, in a cardboard box, with paper 'bubble wrap', all sealed with paper tape. 

    sustainable eco-friendly shipping 
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