Zero-waste product & Planet-Friendly Packaging

Why Planet-Friendly Packaging?

A lot of packaging material isn’t immediately recyclable. Butter BitsΒ is.
Paper-based material has been one of the most commonly accepted recyclables in the US, with recycling rates of up to 96.5%**. So when your buyer receives this planet-friendly packaging made of 100% recycled materials or certified responsibly sourced paper, they can either reuse it or put it directly into a paper recycling bin.

Composting Standards

ButterBits is committed to selling high quality, natural products which are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact to the planet. Recycled Materials that is biodegradable, compostable and recyclableΒ is the most sustainable solution.

What Makes Our Bags and Labels Compostable?

At Elevate Packaging we believe that in order to make composting mainstream, and to combat misinformation about compostable packaging, it is important to be clear about compostability requirements and certifications. We determine compostability based on FTC guidelines.
Each of our end products, labels, pouches and cello are ASTM D6400 compliant. Each of the raw components that make each of our end products are ASTM D6400 compliant, including the adhesive on our labels, the film for our pouches, the film for our cello bags, the zipper closures on our bags and valves on our coffee bags. The key raw elements that make up these components are bio-resins and wood cellulose. This is evidenced by 3rd party lab testing as required by the FTC to be considered compostable.
Additionally, our products do not contain:
  • BPA
  • Fluorinated chemicals such as PFAS
  • GMO ingredients
  • Animal products

For truly authentic sustainable labels, choose PURE LabelsΒ brand of eco-friendly labels.

All Butter Bitsβ„’ product is genuinely sustainable, including Compostable and Biodegradable, 100% Recycled, Recyclable.Β 
As a truly sustainable brand seek full-circle sustainability of their supply chain, and that includes packaging and labels. Elevate Packaging created the PURE Labels brand of eco-friendly adhesive labels to provide brand owners the widest range of options for their labeling needs. For every situation: from permanent to removable, wet to dry, oily and greasy, frozen to hot, direct thermal to thermal transfer, clear to natural, and much more.
Most importantly:Β every label option offered by Elevate Packaging is a sustainable leader in each of its categories.
A unique and critical element of PURE Labelsβ„’ is the certified compostable proprietaryΒ adhesive which is used in all compostable labels. The combination of compostable facestocks and adhesives are what make our labels truly the real thing in compostablility.
  • Make sure it is free of parabens, preservatives, and PEG
  • SLS free IF you have sensitive skin (it’s a known skin irritant)
  • NO added coloring
Hold brands responsible and demand packaging that doesn’t go away. Why should you be responsible. Whoever put it there, has to take it out. BrandΒ 
There is no water in Butter Bits, so they don’t evaporate or get affected by bacteria.Β 
They also last longer on your skin and don’t evaporate like lotion does.Β 
Those single serving Bits also don’t waste any product, don’t break into little pieces or look ugly when they’re almost done.Β