Collection: Soap Bits - Detergent-free single-serving soap bars

We have all been washing and sanitizing our hands more than usual. The combination of drying liquid soaps and harmful chemicals and perfume scents can make a mess of sensitive skin. The hand-sanitizers are also unavoidable.
Wouldn’t it be great to take your own soap with you and not have to dry and damage your skin even more with that mysterious pink soap?Β 
The solution is single-use soap bars, Soap Bits.Β 
A single-serving bar of soap is a tiny amount of soap formed into a thin round bar you can smear / apply on your hands and add water.Β  It is perfectly portioned to wash your hands Β just the one time.The idea is that when you have finished your washing, there will be very little or no soap left, and whatever is left can be easily discarded.Single-use soap can be used anywhere you can find water! It great during regular hand washing, gym showers, picnics and hikes.Benefits:Portable: If you get the 50 Soap Bits in a box, you can take them with you, everywhere!Β Eco-Friendly: They provide a more sustainable alternative by reducing the need for single-use plastic packaging that can not be recycled, including other materials like metal springs.Β 
Non-Toxic & SLS-free: Unlike non-toxic soap, Detergents contain synthetic surfactants, cleansing and foaming agents that create lather made from either coconut oil or petroleum with chemicals added forΒ stabilizing and preserving.Β Chemical-free soap is made from simple natural ingredients and does not contain fragrance oils, only essential oils,. These chemicals may cause allergic reactions, endocrine disruption, and even cancer.Β 
VeganΒ - There are no animal based ingredients hidden in Butter Bits and Soap Bits hard lotion bars.
Organic ingredients - If your apples are organic, why shouldn’t your hand cream be!
ConvenienceΒ - Don’t have to touch the entire body butter -Β 
Spill-freeΒ - No more messy bottles, tubes and pump dispensers from liquid and powder soaps.
Hands-free dispensingΒ - The packaging dispenses the Soap Bits one at a time. With a little shake, the Soap Bits roll out touching the rest of the Bits. Β