Collection: Refills for Butter Bits Lotion Bars - 100 or 200 single-use tabs in compostable bag

Do you have jars taking up space in your cabinets, just waitingΒ to be re-used? They have finally found a worthy purpose; Fill them withΒ 100 or 200 Butter Bits of your choice, which come in a compostable bag. That's it!
'Just the Bits' is the most sustainable option when it comes to packaging and price. By using only the packaging necessary to get your Butter Bits to you in one piece, well.. hopefully in many little one pieces, there is not only lessΒ 'waste'Β but also, it will cost less. Why notΒ payΒ less for the product you want. No fancy packaging to impress,Β Butter Bits do that on their own!Β 
So grab one of thoseΒ empty jarsΒ and fill it with Just the Bits of your choice. AΒ jar full of super moisturizing single-serving lotion barsΒ in every room is pretty handy.