Collection: 100 Butter Bits lotion bars in reusable jars - organic and vegan

Reusable & refillable glass Jars are a convenient way to use Butter Bits at home or work; on the bedside table as an overnight hand treatment & the bathroom / kitchen sink to moisturize after washing hands & dishes.
Don't Touch! Shake to dispense Bits from the bamboo lids' hole. Β Use right after washing hands, toΒ lock in moisture.
The cork lid pops open with one hand and the Butter Bits drop out with a little shake. ThisΒ bottle comes in both small and large and fitsΒ 100 or 200 ButterΒ Bits of your choice. The jars are refillable and save you money, if you choose the auto-refillΒ option. If you're using more than 3 to 4 Butter Bits per day, go for the 200 Butter Bits option. Sign up for 'Subscribe & Save' to have your Butter Bits delivered to you andΒ also save a little cash at the same time.Β 

Want to know which one of these moisturizing lotion bars workΒ better for your skin?Β Below is a general description of specific skin condition,Β irritation or concerns thatΒ each of theΒ Β 6 varieties helps. Β 


To see results, it's best to use 3 to 4 Butter Bits a day. That adds up to 100 Butter Bits for 1 month. (Β Ps. Free Shipping for orders over $20. )Β 

Want to know which one of these moisturizing lotion bars benefit your skin the most?Β Below isΒ a general description of each Butter Bit variation and how each helpΒ specificΒ skin condition,Β irritation or concerns:Β 

Calm Butter Bits are great for hands that spend a lot of time in gloves or exposed to harsh chemicals that make your skin sensitive and bring on itchy, dry and scaly skin.
Shield Butter Bits coat and protect over-worked and damaged skin.
Relief Butter Bits are ideal for discomfort in the handsΒ 
Relief Butter Bits is ideal for soothing hands that are achey after a long day gardening.Β 
Beauty Butter Bits contain ingredients that keep your skin looking healthier and brighter.Β 
Clean Butter Bits gives an added layer of protection fromΒ the all the dirty surfaces we touch everyday. Β 
Repel Butter Bits have essential oils like Citronella and Lavender that help make you less of a magnet toΒ bugs and mosquitos
PUREΒ Butter Bits are for extremely sensitive skin. If even looking at a peanut makes you swell up, then this tiny lotion bars are going to be aΒ treat for your hands.Β