'Ultra-moisturizing lotion that doesn’t spill, rub-off, evaporate or absorb plastic from its' packaging.'

Moisture that lasts in packaging that doesn't

Skip the preservatives, artificial perfumes, dyes (Mica) and plastic particles in your skincare products. 

Butter Bits are made with vegan, organic and chemical-free ingredients from plants with healing properties

............ Shake, Shake, Shake out your Butter Bits

  • moisturizing lotion bar with anti-aging and organic ingredients.

    Rose & Retinal

    BEAUTY Butter Bits are suitable for all skin types but those with dry or mature skin may benefit the most. 

    Retinol is used to slough off the top layer of skin. 

    Rose Essential Oil and Rose Petal Oil 🌷nourish the new skin. 

    Almond oil soothes, softens, and repairs skin. 

    Organic Rosehip , Rose Petal and Beetroot Juice powder give the Butter Bits color.

    Zinc powder adds UV protection from the sun.   The idea is to slough off the top layer of the skin using Retinol followed by Rose Petal Oil 🌷; a super hydrating and revitalizing duo. 

    Beauty Butter Bits - lotion bars 
  • Turmeric & Calendula

    CALM Butter Bits target itchiness and scaly skin. They are great for sensitive skin.

    The organic butters, like aloe, mango and shea butters soothe the skin.They contain properties that help protect your skin from environmental stressors like sunlight, pollution and blue light from screens.

    Aloe leaf juice powder cools & brings immediate relief, gentle chamomile calms the skin and castor oil coats and repairs the skin. When mixed with plant butters and oils, these beneficial ingredients instantly sink into the driest areas and leave them silky-smooth.

    Calm Butter Bits are colored with Turmeric  

    CALM Butter Bits - Lotion Bars 
  • Cinnamon & Spices

    Shield Butter Bits contain warming plant powders such as Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger & Turmeric infused in organic Rice bran oil. To increase the healing properties, Cinnamon, Ginger and Black Pepper essential oils are added as well. The butters bond with the outer layer of skin, building an invisible wall that protects the skin from  moisture robbing irritants and harsh weather while locking in skins' natural oils. 

    Butter Bits are colored with plants, not Mica! Shield Butter Bits contain natural dye powders from plants, instead of Mica. They nourish the skin and transfer the benefits through your skin. Natural colorants are superfood for your skin!

    Shield Butter Bits - Lotion bars 
  • Ginger & Joint oil

    RELIEF Butter Bits contain joint oil and help you feel more mobile. They are ideal for when your hands and wrists are achy like after a long day of gardening, cleaning or just using your hands. You can use them on other parts of your body like knees and elbows. Here are a few benefits of Relief Butter Bits: 

    The main ingredient in the Joint Cure Oil is Ginseng; It speeds up the skin’s ability to repair itself, tightens skin and helps soften scars. Ginseng rootboosts skin hydration, diminishes rough texture, helps fade uneven skin tone and help visibly improve wrinkles by working within the skin to bolster its natural firmness. 

    Turmeric and Chamomile  are great for aging and aching hand and when added to the Shea butter, Mango butter and Aloe butter, they create a powerful healing ointment.

    Moisturizing Grapeseed oil is colored deep blue color with organic Indigo powder is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids and stops the harmful effects of free radicals that damage that degrade skin, This plant helps the skin clear itself and helps skin’s natural barrier function at it's best! Your skin is your shield! 🛡️ 

    Relief Butter Bits- lotion bars 
  • Tea tree & Lavendar

    Clean Butter Bits contain a powerful combination of essential oils that protect you from viruses and bacteria. The dominant essential oil used in Clean Butter Bits is Tea Tree essential oil and it's known universally for its cleansing properties.

    Grapeseed oil adds to the powerful properties and rich Mango butter and Kokum butter coat and protect the top layer of the skin. The most fun part is making the Butter Bits into a light green color. Organic Spinach and Nettle Leaf powder are infused in Grapeseed oil, making it the most anti-oxidant filled colorant ever! Mica might give a more vibrant color, but do you really want that super fine powder, that's in every bath and body product, seeping in through your skin and into your body, forever?! Didn't think so.. 

    Not only do these plant powders have a beautiful light green color, they add nutrients to your lotion. Spinach is a rich source of cancer reducing vitamins and anti-oxidants. It has tons of other benefits for the texture of your skin, keeping it clear and protected from harmful UV rays. The more help fighting premature aging skin, the better!

    Nettles is the other plant used as a green colorant. It adds a ton of anti-inflammatory properties and can be exceptionally helpful in easing itchy and burning skin conditions. Nettle leaf is a natural antihistamine that naturally blocks histamine production and decreases itchiness! Voila! 

    Neem oil is a powerful plant used to treat fungus and has antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds. There's nothing better for fighting skin infections. There's no need to state that healing skin aging.

    Moisture that lasts in packaging that doesn't. #ButterBItsEverywhere

    Clean Butter Bits - Lotion bars 
  • Variety - Mix of all 6

    Variety Butter Bits is a mix from each variety (Shield, Repel, Clean, Relief, Beauty, Calm ) in 1 pack. Choose from 5 different options and sizes; 50 Butter Bits in a portable box, 100 Butter Bits in a Jar, 200 Butter Bits in a Jar, 100 'Just the Bits’ and 200 'Just the Bits’.


    Not only are all the ingredients organic and vegan ( no Beeswax ) but they are also all colored with plants, which make them even better for your skin. Butter Bits are also oil based and won't evaporate like lotion does. These goodies stay on your skin much longer than the water-based lotions. Checkout the ingredients in every variety to see which one is right for your skin.


    Calm - Butter Bits are great for most sensitive skin that is itchy, dry and scaly skin.

    Shield - Butter Bits coat and protect over-worked and damaged skin. Relief Butter Bits are ideal for joint pain or swelling 

    Relief - Butter Bits is ideal for discomfort in your hands 

    Beauty - Butter Bits contain anti-aging ingredients 

    Clean - Butter Bits gives an added layer of protection from germs and bacteria. 

    Repel - Butter Bits have essential oils like Citronella and Lavender that keep bugs and mosquitos away.

    Variety Butter Bits - Lotion bars 
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